The world has rapidly evolved, yet the way we tell stories is still linear and passive. How do we weave a cohesive narrative around the massive amounts of data, separate media silos and new interaction models? This space seeks to explore how we can re-craft the way we tell stories. Perhaps then, we can change the stories themselves.

A network for self-directed learners

an open learning network that will enable anybody to learn whatever they want, however they want, and tap from a collective intelligence — drawing connections between silos of content which already exist.


An interactive life story

Imagine being able to explore interactive life stories of people? It would be like visiting a museum, except for a human being. We could identify themes, or see what was happening during a lead up to a major life event. We could get a sense of how someone has navigated their chaos.



What are the stories we tell about mental health? This little site seeks to contemplate the questions.